Wise Words From My Sherman

“You’ll never challenge yourself if you don’t change your gaze now and then.”

Words of wisdom, right? My yoga teacher said this to me this morning after giving me an adjustment, and it really resonated. Sure enough, despite usually feeling perfectly balanced and rock solid in the poses that followed, changing my gaze challenged me to the point of feeling wobbly, which was a pretty foreign feeling to me in yoga. I may not be the most flexible person I know, but I can usually balance like nobody’s business. Apparently I wasn’t as balanced as I thought, though, because the slightest change threw me for a loop. It was a lesson I needed on so many levels: No matter how ‘balanced’ I think I am, true, unshakebale balance is only found when that stability can be challenged and still remain in tact.

Oh, and my yoga teacher’s name is Sherman.

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Mad About Nude // 5 Nude Shoes That are Perfect For Summer

Call me predictable, but I’m definitely one who’s always out for the most versatile options possible, so, naturally, nude shoes are usually a staple in my wardrobe. They’re just so easy to wear with everything from sundresses to cutoffs to crisp white pants, and they add the perfect touch of polish, don’t they? You can’t help but look so “together” when wearing an awesome pair of leg elongating nudes. And some of the options out this season are just too cute. Here are my five favorite selections and why. If only I could add all five of these gems to my closet I’d be set for the season!

mad about nude 2

sop favorite

Tory Burch Viv Two Tone d’Orsay Flats
Steve Madden ‘Comma’ Leather Sandal
Joie A la Plage Bastia Thong Sandals
Pour La Victoire Yermak Cutout Sandals
Rachel Zoe Nancy Strappy Wedges
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A Little Mid-Century Modern Inspo

I spotted this Case Study Planter earlier this week and immediately fell in love with it. I’ve been wanting to add a few plants to my space — you know, decorate with new life and love — but I keep chickening out! Partly because I’m afraid I’ll kill them and have to face myself over it, partly because I just don’t know where to begin! Nonetheless, the planter inspired a whole mood board of desired mid-century modern-inspired upgrades. Hope you’re having an awesome week! (PS did you know that some plants can actually clean your air? I wrote a little piece about it for work… check it out!)

mid century mod inspo sop favorite
top / bottom / left / right
Grasshopper Task Table Lamp
Eiffel Dining Chair
Jo Malone London Candle
Large Lucite Geo Tray
Gold Form Jug
Stadler Form Fan
Ferm Wire Basket
Merci Word Play Sign
Tropical Banana Leaves Watercolor Print
Case Study Planter

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5 Chic Alternatives to Birkenstocks

There have been some quote, unquote fashion trends over the years that I have vehemently opposed: flat forms; crocks; cargo pants. But one that has always stood strong at the top of my ‘never’ list is the “Arizona” Birkenstock. Well, like the herpes of fashion, this shoe is back on the scene with a vengeance. Although.. while I continue to read reports of the classic Birkenstock being “back,” I’ve yet to see a single warm-weather gal wear the shoe. Nonetheless, here are a few sandals that are perfect alternatives to the clunky, boyish sandal + a couple alternative Birkenstocks that offer up a slightly chic twist.

birk alts

sop favorite

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Monday Morning Side Note

Good morning and happy Monday! I have two posts on deck, one about my favorite maxi dresses of the season (DYING over some of them. This one? In love!) and one about ways you can totally crush it on a Monday. Unfortunately, neither of them is “ready.” Funny enough, while I actually “have time” to finish the Monday inspo post, cramming my Monday morning with to-dos (and potentially leaving for work late) is something I swore off once I realized the best ways to, …you guessed it, kill it Monday mornings. Ever since my job took a turn for the ‘holy eff Im slammed’ I’ve been pretty focused on the best ways to prep, and I’ve compiled a helpful how-to that I think you’re going to love! Although, making sure you’re set up to kill it on a Monday actually starts on a Friday, so maybe I’ll just shoot to post it then. Stay tuned… Nonetheless, I wanted to touch base in some capacity and wish you all the best start to your week ever! It’s supposed to rain all week here in D.C. so send me sunny vibes? Thanks.


It’s Here It’s Here! Kate Moss for Topshop

Finally! Kate Moss for Topshop has launched, and, let me tell you, this line does not disappoint. Its Kate Moss-esque appeal is full of fringe, fun and over the top sexiness. I love it. It features pieces that offer up an edgy twist to our favorite closet staples: a silver-ish slash neutral toned dress with so much embellishment it crosses the line of “too much” and enters right into “holy crap that’s amazing” ; a black blazer that’s drenched in sequin (adore it); a light and breezy maxi dress that utilizes florals on black and extra fabric to add a dainty, ladylike touch…

The whole line is gorgeous and it’s selling out fast so hurry hurry! (the shorts below seem to have already sold out… what the? It’s only 6am!

kate moss

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