5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Haim

Like many of you, I’ve been taken in and spun around by the 70s-inspired, R&B-meets-folksy sounds of Haim. Obsessed. In case you’ve never heard the name spoken, it’s pronounced haɪm, as in rhymes with ‘time’, and this sister trio has blown up in a big way. Probably one of the fastest tracks to the top of our time, which I love; it speaks to their talent. After all, their inaugural album was just released in September of last year!

With voices reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and a talented all-girl energy not felt since the Bangles, these all too stylish ladies are quickly becoming a go-to on our Spotify playlists. Although, don’t call them a “girl band.” Understandably, the band prefers to be referred to as just musicians in a band.. why’s it gotta be a girl thing? I get it. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Haim, plus a few of my favorite songs of the moment. Happy [Music] Monday!


1. They once embraced candy pop. Whatever. Didn’t we all? No shame. The two oldest sisters got their feet wet in an all-girl singing group call The Valli Girls, with an ‘i’ instead of an ‘ey’ of course. Cute. Gotta start somewhere! And let’s be honest, if we were offered a spot in an all girl singing group when we were 16 and dying to be famous singers, we would have done it, too.

2. Haim was just a hobby that the sister enjoyed on the side while they were busy with other projects.

Eldest sis Este, who you usually see on bass making her infamous “bass face,” holds a bachelors degree in ethnomusicology, which she reportedly completed in two years rather than the standard five. Ummmmm what an awesome major! I’m pretty sure that wasn’t offered as a concentration when I was studying vocal performance… talk about feeling gypped.

Middle child and lead vocalist Danielle toured with some notable musicians before deciding to take Haim more seriously. She kicked off a tour with Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, and also toured with the likes of The Strokes’ Jilian Casablancas, Scarlet Fever and Cee Lo Green.

And Haim baby Alana, who rocks out the keyboards and back up vocals, spent one year in college before saying eff this noise I just wanna make awesome music. Thadda girl! I know it was a gamble and all, but sometimes risk pays off, right?! And we’re all glad she gambled.

3. Seriously talented musicians. How cute are the family scenes in the video above?!I guess when your parents are undercover musical talents, you pick up a thing or two. Mama Haim plays the guitar and Papa can kill it on the drums. This reportedly made for some fun family gatherings! Now, Este plays both guitar and bass, Danielle plays guitar and drums, and Alana plays guitar, keyboards and percussion. Oh, and all three carry the vocals. No biggie.

4. The UK recognized muscial awesome before we did… again. In 2012, Haim signed with Polydor Records in the UK and later released their first single, Forever. They hit up a U.S. tour with Mumford & Sons then headed back across the pond to close out a tour with Florrence in the Machine. Later, the BBC announced that Haim had topped the Sound of 2013, an annual poll and new music review conducted by the who’s who of talent-seeking professionals. A nod to the talented group, for sure!

5. They stay humble and hungry. After all the hard work, long nights and grueling sets, they still seriously freakout when they hear one of their songs on the radio. Which I think is so awesome and adorable.

Sale Alert // Shopbop Friends and Family 25% OFF EVERYTHING!

Well, 25% off full price and sale items. Basically everything! Maybe I’ll finally take the plunge on this little number I’ve been eyeballing. What a great way to brighten and dreary Tuesday! Thanks, Shopbop!

4-15-2014 8-50-56 AM

Happy Cherry Blossoms, D.C.!

It’s kind of absurd that I’ve lived 45 minutes from D.C. my entire life, and 10 minutes from the city for the last 13 years, and there are still memorials and museums I’ve never seen. It’s just too easy to take it for granted when “there’s always next weekend,” you know? As if the perfect marriage of time and sight-seeing ambition will just magically fall in my lap. Yeah right! Add to that that I went to school here and most of my best friends are also locals — I literally never have out-of-towners to entertain and show around — I’m never pushed to see the city. So this year I decided I’d welcome the idea of just being a tourist in my town. Which is actually really fun!

This weekend, we celebrated the District’s un-official start to spring, the Cherry Blossom Festival. And since I’ve made this new commitment to play tourist and experience and appreciate all the things I love about D.C., it was an event I knew I couldn’t miss. I invited the nephew, seen below enjoying the breeze in front of the Capitol and just toured the entire length of the Mall. My only regret is that I didn’t any pics from the river side. *sigh* next year. I’m just glad I finally got some of the shots I’ve wanted for too long. Now which to frame?! And bigger question.. black and white or color?? I think for the frame I should go black and white…

bloss 1

blossom 2

blossom 5

blossom 4

blossom 9 copy

blossom 7

blossom 6

Spring Uniform // Gray Denim + Stripes

I’ve wasted no time embracing sandals, short sleeves and soft tones. Helllllloooo spring! Despite the fact that it’s still been a little nippy, there’s already an outfit I’ve found myself wearing more than three times — I like to force these things as if the Universe won’t let me freeze if I just reduce coverage… Ever since I found a pair of light wash gray jeans that I can wear with literally anything, I’ve been in heaven. So easy to pair with stripes, a plain white tee or a cozy knit, if there’s a little chill in the air. If you don’t already own a pair, I highly recommend investing. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been living in!

spring uniform

shop this look bar

between outfit bar

Summery Summer Tees That Will Surely Bring Summer

Have you seen the new spring/summer tees from Sincerely Jules? I love! They have such a Venice beach-meets-glam feel — too perfect for summer. Give me some worn and faded denim cut-offs and a pair of Ray-Ban flash lenses aviators (these? perfect.) and I’m good to go until September. Don’t they just scream summer?! Here are a few favorites from her line.

sincerely jules summer tees

OH! She has most of her pieces available on her site, but she also has a few pieces for sale over on Shopbop. If you order from her site, though, you can get free shipping on orders over $100 with code OFFDUTY, woot woot!

sop favorite

between outfit bar

To Ombre Big, Or Ombre Small

Like many, I’m considering a little spring makeover for my hair. The problem? I’m like beyond brunette. As in, I have the kind of brunette hair that just turns bright orange when you try to lighten it in any capacity, so my colorist has to walk a fine line when lightening my hair; there’s maybe a 60-second spread between brassy, bleached and breaking off… But, nonetheless, every few years I muster up the courage to take the risk.

As I was browsing… something, I cant remember, I spotted a pic of Khloe Kardashian’s new summer do and instantly texted my guy A.C. at The Shop. Will my hair do this? — I always have to ask. He assured me it was possible and told me it wouldn’t look ridiculous — so of course I’m chickening out. What do I do!!!!!? The last time I had the quote, unquote courage to do a dramatic ombre I did chicken out and then I regretted not going bigger. My favorite ombre among the below is the sand-kissed one, but will my deep brown locks with red undertones cooperate? Thoughts?

Also on spring hair: Beach Hair 101: The Best 4 Products For Perfectly Beachy Locks

ombre hair

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