1. Tara Parker

    I’m IN!

  2. vanessa martinez


  3. courtney d

    OMG this dress is to die for!! I want it!!

  4. Antoinette

    Total Hotness! Love the dress! I want it!

  5. Allison

    INNNNN! :)

  6. Kate S

    You weren’t kidding when you told me about this dress! I love it.

    1. Kate S

      by that I mean I’m in

  7. Cy Young

    I’m entering so I can give this to one of my sisters and win brother of the year.

  8. Lindsey

    I just entered the contest every possible way! I need this for new years!

  9. Cyndi

    I’M IN!! Love this whole look!!

  10. Veronica Segovia

    Sooo in!! I love gold for holiday parties!

  11. regan nelson

    Done, Done and Done! Love that dress!

  12. Mary Simonds

    I entered. Love this dress. Perfect for holiday parties!

  13. sarah breheny

    entered in every way!! i’m in! my twitter: sarahatspeak

  14. mirela stefan

    I’m IN!!!

  15. Burcu

    I’m in!! I love this dress, it’s gorgeous! My twitter is also burcuaroo

  16. lara / the glossarie.

    dying! love, love, LOVE

  17. Mary Mac

    I’M IN! Nice Dress! :D

  18. Genevieve James Blasi

    I’m in!!

  19. Adrienne Walsh

    Yes, please! I’m in!! :)

  20. Alix Flanagan

    IM IN :)

  21. Heather

    Liked, liked and liked! love this dress :)

  22. Heather

    also just tweeted! @moorehe2

  23. Lauren

    I’m in!!

  24. Danielle Hardy

    liked all three on facebook AND followed ladakh on twitter. YAY! If I can look as sexy as Casie in that dress then my life would be complete ;)

  25. Cindy B

    I like all 3 pages on fb- Cindy B. LOVEEEEEE this dress!! :) :)

  26. Luisa

    It’s gorgeous! Sign me up!

  27. lorilei barsh

    Oh my goodness! Love, love, love this dress! Sign me up :)

  28. megan o

    I’m totally in!

  29. Jessica Barry

    I <3 <3 <3 this dress! The shimmer, the scoop back! This dress is so pretty!

  30. Cami

    This dress is stunning! I liked all three on fb, and shared the giveaway link on my wall!

  31. Amanda Nguyen

    I’m all in!! This dress is gorgeous!!

    Amanda Nguyen

  32. Christen R

    I’m in- I totally need this dress for my work’s holiday party!!

  33. monika

    OH wow I LOVE that dress!

    I fee like I don’t enter that many giveaways anymore!! BUT I LOVE THIS ONE!!

    AND you look lovely!!!! The pictures of you wearing it are perfect! SO fun!

    Follow Follow Follow you all!!

    AND tweeted!


  34. Leah

    I am IN! Such a pretty dress! And I follow Ladakh on Twitter! (@leahrae87)

  35. nicole

    love the color!

  36. Christina

    I’m in:)

  37. Richard Peterson

    I’m in!! Very Chic!

  38. Katie

    I entered in every way possible!!! Love it!!!

  39. Emily

    I like all three Facebook pages!

  40. Emily

    I also tweeted and now follow Ladakh on twitter. I’m @Fettbot. I also reshared the giveaway post! I’m all the way in!

  41. Jessica Hulvey

    I’m in!

  42. good girl gone blog

    I’m definitely in!

  43. Margaret

    Perfect holiday dress!! I have a wedding new years eve and this would be perfect !!!

  44. Erin

    I’m in!

  45. Gina busch

    Great holiday dress!! Great brand, great styling ;)

  46. Erin M

    I’m in!

  47. nicole

    I am in I need this dress!!!!

  48. nicole


    1. nicole

      hehe delete one of my posts : )thought it didnt go through

  49. Jessica

    I’m IN!!!

  50. Anne-Stuart Teter

    i’m in!!!! i want i want i want!!!!!!!

  51. Alanna West


  52. Teri

    I am so in!!!!!

  53. Lacey Wheatley

    Yes yes yes yes and did I mention yes?

  54. Jessica Smith

    I’m in!! Love the dress

  55. carly rodeman

    I have been looking at this dress for a while and it finally sold out in my size!! I am absolutely in love with it and am so in!! I need it!

  56. Ayana Alipio

    Having a metallic theme for christmas this year!! This dress would be perfect! TOTALLY IN!!

  57. Molly

    I seriously NEED this dress! It’s amazing and is exactly what I am looking for, for New Years! Pick me ;)

  58. Elizabeth Fever

    I’m all in !! I need this dresssss!

  59. Jamie Klufts

    I’m SO in!! This dress is awesome!

  60. Amanda Elizabeth from Amanda's Mummy Jeans

    I’m in tooo!

    I love, love, love this dress xoxoxo

  61. Marta

    I’m in! I did EVERRRRRRYTHING you asked. EVERYTHING. (+10!)

  62. Jenny Xiong


  63. Olivia

    olivia is in! =]

  64. Ali

    I am in! tried it on the other day and lovveeed it!

  65. Katy M

    I like you all on FB as Katy Morris.

    I’m SO in! That dress would be perfect for holiday parties, for work with a black blazer and accessorized for New Year’s Eve!


  66. Katy M

    I just Tweeted about this giveaway here:!/katygmorris/status/144593631280508932


  67. Katy M

    I follow ladakh on Twitter as @katygmorris.


  68. Katy M

    I just shared this giveaway on FB as Katy Morris here:


  69. Nadia Norrish

    Liked, Shared, and Excited! I’m in!

  70. Kelly

    Love love love this dress for new years!!!

  71. Leigh-Anne Johnson

    I’m IN! My husband just got home from Iraq and I want to look HOT this holiday season for him!!! I recently lost some weight and pretty sure I can ROCK this dress!! :) hee hee

  72. ellen lunay

    I’m in! Pick me, pick me!

  73. Shannon

    I’m IN!!! This dress is amazing and would be the perfect dress for new years!!!

  74. Chrissy

    Gorgeous color, works on everyone!!

  75. Taylor Mae

    I’m in! How cool would it be if I won?! I’d totally wear it for everything fancy! :)

  76. Sally

    I would wear this dress to everything!

  77. Richard Peterson

    My GF Loves it!

  78. Felicia

    I am so in! I need something for New Year’s!

  79. Jennifer Fuhrer

    Happy Holidays to All!!!

  80. Felicia

    Reshared on FB! I think I’m “in” every way possible now!

  81. Kara M

    I’m in! That dress is amazing and perfect for the Holidays!!

  82. Emily

    I’m in! This outfit is gorgeous! :)

  83. Hannah Vesinger

    Liked liked and liked. Love Ladakh so much, my favourite brand. Please pick me :) xx

  84. Erika Elko

    I AM SO IN!!! Love <3

  85. courtney

    Following ladakh on Twitter from @ceperk!!

  86. Amberly

    Love this dress!!!! I was about to buy it on Urban and noticed this giveaway. Thanks :)

  87. Victoria

    That dress is amazing!! I would love to own something like that <3
    -"liked" all pages
    -followed on twitter

    IM IN! :)

  88. Erin Kapp-Carter

    I’d LOVE to own this beauty :) good luck everyone!!!!

  89. Charlotte

    love the structural design & low cut back! awesome dressss! <3

  90. Sarah

    Already Like South Moon Under on FB
    Liked Ladakh on FB
    Already Like whippedSTYLE on FB

    Gorgeous dress!

  91. Courtney

    I’m IN! Liked all 3 on facebook! Love this dress!

  92. Courtney

    Shared the giveaway from the FB Whipped Style page! FB name is Courtney Elizabeth :)

  93. christine

    i’m in! liked (loved) all three on fb & twitter <3

  94. Valerie Smith

    Love!!! Entered all 10 entries!!! Yeah!!! Fingers crossed!!! @ralvyandbubba I’m So IN!!!!!

  95. cait

    That’s a perfect NYE dress!!

  96. elie

    ahhh i want it!

  97. Calli

    I liked all the pages!

  98. rosemary

    i’m in!

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