1. Annie

    So intrigued about this line!! Thanks for reviewing it! I would love to try out the eye cream.

  2. Rebecca Simonds

    Love your blog (obviously). Being a stressful PT student struggling w/ breakouts Id definitely be interested in trying ALL of the products (but more specifically the scrub and mask)! KEEP ALL THE GOOD STUFF COMING!!!

  3. Michaela {au naturel design}

    I’ve been looking for a new skin care line to smooth out some previous damage. I love how natural this sounds because after seeing a naturopath, the last thing I want to do is put chemicals on my face. I love how cleansed my face feels after face masks. Would love to try the éclos.

  4. gina

    ooohhh!! i need to smooth out some crinkles, and draw out these pores! gimme, gimmie :)

  5. Carlye Ignatenko

    I’d love to try all of them, but the clay mask sounds like something I need to add to my weekly routine.

  6. Brooke @ ShemmyShake

    I would love to try the clay mask! I’ve been wanting to try a natural one. I’m a big fan of One Love and Eminence products because they are natural as well, but I’m definitely loving your review of these products.

  7. phaydra

    A natural skin care line sold at Target? I need to go check this out. I would love to try the scrub to freshen up my skin.

  8. Catherine

    The serum sounds amazing. I am always looking for collagen producing products.

  9. Veronica S.

    I am MOST excited about the Restorative Eye Cream. I’ve sworn by Clinique’s All About Eyes for the past two years. I’d be excited if I found a more reasonably priced alternative that’s part of a line with additional awesome products for my face! :)

  10. Mary

    I’d obviously like to try ALL of them but I think I’m most interested in Restorative Eye Cream. I’ve never used an eye cream and am curious to see if it help my eye area!

  11. shannon

    This looks amazing! I would love to try it all, but the clay mask looks great.

  12. Carolina

    With the big 3-0 sneaking up on me, I have been searching for a new skin care regimen and this looks great! Would love to try the whole line, but especially the face serum.

  13. Lisa // Elembee, Etc

    Im just really excited this is a drugstore buy! It’s nice to see an all natural line so readily available. Would really love to try the mask — I’m obsessed! Always makes me feel like I’m REALLY doing something for my skin.

  14. catherine c

    i hope i’m not too late for the giveaway! i would love to try the restorative eye cream the most

  15. Daiana

    Every one of the products reviewed is what I would like to try. Especially since I have not been kind to my skin and it’s needed. But hey, it’s never too late right? :)

  16. Michaela Hatch

    I have used Melaleuca for the last year, but just saw this at Target. I would LOVE LOVE to try the eclos is so affordable!


  17. Patti

    Actually, I saw the age spot remover on ebay which prompted me to review the product line . I googled and was brought to your site !! I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and liked your Facebook page !!
    So…in response to the drawing, I am anxious to try all of the products you mention above and also the age spot remover. Thanks !!

  18. joan valentine

    i’m a skincare junky. anything that comes down the pike i must try. i love the idea that these products don’t have sulphates, parabens, petroleum products etc. i would love to try the whole line!

  19. Jennifer

    I’ve been using this entire line for about a month now, and I too am hooked. My skin looks better than ever!

  20. Janson

    Thanks for giving nice information regarding skin care It would be more helpful if it contains treatment tips.

  21. Jessy

    Wow… amazing..! It does really work for you. You look younger and glowing in the second picture. Now, I was triggered to try that product too..

  22. Adrienne

    The regenerative cream made a difference in my skin in one day, I will try all of these products, no questions asked!

  23. Mr. Sk

    Great product that has got tremendously great reviews. Worth trying!

  24. Cindy Massey

    I been using Age-Defying Face cream for 2 weeks now and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to try the rest.

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