DIY: “Remember This Christmas” Ornaments To Make With Your Fam

This is actually a DIY that Sam posted last year, but I found a new purpose for it that I wanted to share with you all since I think it would make such a great and fun family project over the holidays!

So, no doubt these ornaments are adorable, but to add an extra layer of love, it might make a really nice tradition to start making these with your family this year, cutting the pieces of paper a little wider and then writing notes to one another on the pieces of paper.

Maybe you want to write, “thanks for stealing the Bose earphones I wanted in the dirty Santa, douche” or “I’ve never laughed as hard in my whole life as I did when you were imitating Leon the snowman during Elf last night.”

You get the idea! Have fun with it, make it heartfelt–or both!!! Then simply use a glitter pen to write your names on your ornaments then next year you can read them together and remember your favorite things about previous Christmases together!

Love it. This may be my new favorite tradition!

Happy Holidays!

You’ll Need:

A few clear ornaments | Colorful paper (3 different shades and texture of each color) | Scissors | Ribbon.

How To:

Cut the paper into thin strips | Wrap each one around your finger so they coil up | Drop them into the ornament until it’s completely full | Tie a ribbon around the top

Voila!!! Cute new ornaments + time spent with the fam. If you give this a try be sure to send us some pics!


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  1. Laura

    What a great idea! So fun for next year – I foresee lots of laughs!

  2. Julie Leah

    LOVE this idea!! I’ve also seen this done with paint – you put in a few drops of different color paint and shake it around and you get a swirled effect!

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