1. Anna

    I want to try out bumble and bumble so badly but can`t get them anywhere here and odering is always hard.
    I like to sometimes just make my own salt-spray.

  2. Sam

    I am obsessed with beach waves!!

  3. lara / the glossarie.

    haha – love to see the oribe make an appearance (for those of us whose hair is…hair)!!

  4. Nuha

    i saw the B&B for curly/frizzy hair the other day at Sephora..I wonder if it’s worth it?

  5. Miranda {onestylishdayatatime}

    I absolutely love the look of beach hair but hate wearing it that way! Is it just me or is it super itchy? I guess I just don’t have the perfect balance of messed up and not frizzy.

  6. Jen Ramos

    love the beachy waves- without the salt! haha


  7. Rose

    My hair is thick but frizzy, so what do I use?

  8. Mel Stevens

    the pictures show really amazing hair. I’ve been using pro naturals hair repair mask to keep it from drying out and I just have to say I thinnk it’s great.. check it out!

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