How To Keep it Classy With Crop Tops

When I heard crop tops were making their way back into the summer wardrobe must-haves, I immediately ran for a pint of Half Baked so that I could wallow in the reality that I was officially too old to be trendy. Belly button exposure? Really? But, then I realized that, lucky for us, high-waisted shorts, pants and skirts are also popping up everywhere. PHEW! Pairing a crop top with high-waisted bottoms is the perfect way to have fun with a trend while still making sure it’s classy and age appropro, you know? I’m thinking of giving this a go today!

aaBLACK 091


crop 2


crop 6

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crop 5

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One response to “How To Keep it Classy With Crop Tops”

  1. Liz {What Dress Code?}

    Really love the lace crop with the palazzo pants! Just got a gorgeous vintage high-waisted skirt that’s just begging for a black crop top, American Apparel here I come!

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