How To Make Any Beverage Pretty and Irresistible

How am I just now hearing about this!? Floral ice cubes? Oh the baby and bridal showers I could have taken up a notch… This is so fun!

Ice cubes are totally underestimated. They’re such a unique delivery system for different flavors, and, now, a perfect way to add color and appeal! When jazzed up with edible flowers, ice cubes add such a charming aesthetic, don’t you think?! Like, do you think Anthro has ever hosted an event without floral ice cubes? I hope not. I totally plan to try these using both edible flowers and herbs like thyme or mint. Ummmmmm… wait wait wait—this just coming to me: a mojito with mint also IN the ice cubes. Has anyone tried? ON IT! Maybe I’ll try to shoot that next weekend! Okay—another reason to look forward to Friday.. P.S. This image is totally a Pinterest mystery. Anyone know the source?


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One response to “How To Make Any Beverage Pretty and Irresistible”

  1. Carlene: Healthfully Ever After

    Step three is my favorite. I also love to put herbs and berries in the ice cubes! Or, in this case, I have a ton of frozen cranberries from winter that I use as ice cubes for gimlets.

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