5 Chic Alternatives to Birkenstocks

There have been some quote, unquote fashion trends over the years that I have vehemently opposed: flat forms; crocks; cargo pants. But one that has always stood strong at the top of my ‘never’ list is the “Arizona” Birkenstock. Well, like the herpes of fashion, this shoe is back on the scene with a vengeance. Although.. while I continue to read reports of the classic Birkenstock being “back,” I’ve yet to see a single warm-weather gal wear the shoe. Nonetheless, here are a few sandals that are perfect alternatives to the clunky, boyish sandal + a couple alternative Birkenstocks that offer up a slightly chic twist.

birk alts

sop favorite

between outfit bar

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  1. Diana

    Lol @ the herpes of fashion. I agree but they are comfy bc they have a cushion. Your options are clearly more stylish but they will prob hurt the footsies. Any middle ground – comfy and cute?

  2. RosaLovesDC

    Hahaha! I don’t think I can ever do Birkenstocks. I know people say they are comfty but there are cuter options.

  3. Katie

    I must have those Joie sandals!!! Love all the picks, very cute :)


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