Glitzy Accessories Fit For Ritzy Holiday Parties

You may remember me obsessing over the Kendra Scott Ginger necklace in
this post. It’s so stunning, and I can’t wait to wear to today’s company holiday party!! (Or should I go with the cuff in this post?!)

The holidays are such a great time to get bold and crazy with your accessories. You can get super glitzy and glam and have no shame in adding extra sparkle—my favorite! However, can we talk about this piece? Oh. my. gyad—talk. about. stunning. Calling this piece a ‘statement piece’ is the understatement of the year. Too gorgeous. I’m not yet sure where I’d wear this elaborate arrangement of rocker studs, but, if I may quote the ever-wise and amazing Kate Bennett, “Leap and the (fashion) bridge will appear.” Truer words have never been instagrammed
though, sadly, I couldn’t splurge for that dress, haha

Here are a few other glitzy and glamorous pieces that can take your holiday look up a notch.


sop favorite

between outfit bar